Cougar Attack X3 RGB Gaming Keyboard – CG-KB-ATTACK X3-BLK

Cougar Attack X3 RGB Gaming Keyboard – CG-KB-ATTACK X3-BLK


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Availability: 5 in stock

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Product Description

RGB Backlight Meets Aluminum: A Glorious Color Performance

With 9 impressive preset lighting effects, you will enjoy Attack X3 RGB’s spectacular backlights right upon plugging it in. Control easily and switch easily the backlight effects on the fly with this keyboard’s convenient shortcut keys. 

In case this wasn’t enough, you can create your own backlight effects through the COUGAR UIX System to create your own, unique, gaming atmosphere. Unleash your creativity!

Attack X3 RGB’s aluminum front plate combines elegance and durability to create an impressive face for this powerful gaming weapon. It doesn’t stop there: the RGB backlight reflects on the aluminum to create a glorious visual effect that will transform your gaming experience!

COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The First and Best Mechanical Switches

Attack X3 RGB brings you the most popular switches for gaming: Cherry MX switches. With a guaranteed lifetime of at least 50 million clicks and unparalleled reliability, the swift response of those switches will allow you to show just how good you are.COUGAR ATTACK X3 - Cherry MX, the Original Mechanical Switches

COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

N-Key Rollover : Unlimited Accuracy

Games quite often require complex key combinations. Most keyboards on the market have limitations regarding the number of simultaneous keys you can press, with the vast majority being limited to 6 simultaneous keys or less. Attack X3 RGB frees you from any restriction, allowing you to press any number of keys and obtain always accurate results!


COUGAR UIX software has the most intuitive, friendly, and easiest interface, which allows you to edit unlimited backlight effects. In addition, it offers easier configuration and customization, macro recording and sharing between devices… everything you might ask for, and all with a very convenient and intuitive interface. 

In order to minimize the time you spend recording macros and maximizing the time you spend using them, COUGAR’s Macro Arsenal: record your macro once and use it again on another COUGAR UIX™ compatible device, or export individual macros to share with your friends. Enjoy your gaming sessions with this powerful software.



    • COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - On-Board Memory
      On-Board Memory

      The on-board memory allows you to store up to 3 full configuration profiles on the keyboard itself. This allows you to preserve your configuration even if you bring your keyboard to another computer.

    • COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - On-Board recording of up to 30 Macros
      Up to 30 Macros

      Attack X3 RGB’s on-board memory will allow you to record up to 30 macros and bring them anywhere you go!

    • COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - Dedicated Media Keys
      Media Shortcut Keys

      Quick control over your music and videos!

  • COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - 1000HZ Polling Rate
    1000Hz Polling Rate

    COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB’s 1000 Hz Polling Rate brings you a 1ms Response Rate.

  • COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - Anti-Slip Rubber Feet
    Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

    The keyboard base remains stable even during intense gaming sessions.

  • COUGAR ATTACK X3 RGB - On-the-fly Mode Switch
    On-the-fly Mode Switch

    Convenient key combinations allow you to switch easily between the three configuration modes on the keyboard.

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